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Dear Betting Expert to Be,

Do you like doing things the easy way? Were you like me, leaving frustrated after a poor striking day at the track? Just not understanding why you can't win on a more consistent basis? I was in that exact same position. Then I found this Horse Race Betting Guide. This horse race system provides you with several methods that anyone can benefit from.

The Horse Race Betting Guide will work for you if...

  • You spent way too many hours trying to produce results with expert advice you couldn't understand.
  • You believe there has to be a better way to be profitable horse betting, but can't figure it out.
  • You want to earn more every week in passive income with a proven horse bet racing system.

"Reality Check..."

Get insider knowledge the betting agency doesn't want you to know. You will get answers to questions you need to know. Learn how to increase your strike rate to over 90% with a extremely powerful selection practices. Use these unique time tested and proven statistical betting approach. You will learn this and much, much more! Released for the first time on the internet...

Are you really making the amount of income you want from betting on horses?

The fact is that horse race betting is a huge industry that grows year after year. People are using horse racing as a way to create a brand new source of consistent income.

If you:

1. Are ready for fast paced learning

2. Can remained focused

3. Follow simple step by step instructions

4. Stick to it and see it through to the end

I can guide you on exactly how you can earn more every week with my advanced horse bet racing system.

Imagine the comfort in knowing that you have more money in your bank than the day before. You don't even have to leave home to get paid. You read that right, make money from the comfort of you own home betting on horse racing.

"Impossible you say?"

My daily earning with horse bet racing allows me to go to bed a little richer and a little happier every single night. I don't need to worry about the size of my betting bank.

You think that's a miracle? No way!! If you know what you are doing horse betting can be very profitable and very simple.

I didn't always make consistent gains in my betting bank. It seemed like forever I searched for some magic bullet to really profit from horse betting, but I just kept barely breaking even on any of my bets, or god forbid turn a profit. Seemed like every time one of these "new horse bet systems" came along, it resulted in me ending up another disappointed loser giving my hard earned money right to the bookie.

I spent thousands of pounds and wasted an endless number of hours reading outdated manuals from every "expert" who never once gave me a single method that I could produce consistent results with.

After just barely breaking even wager after wager, I had enough and was about to give up, cut my losses and pull out of everything. I just couldn't afford it anymore. Assessing the track, examing the horse fields, analyzing each post position, spending hours on the expensive bet systems, I was so over burdened that I felt the small profits I made weren't even worth all the trouble. No matter how hard I would try, I would continue to make unprofitable bet after unprofitable bet.

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I was desperate...I just couldn't get things to "click". I was so frustrated being just another losing gambler who believed they should be making more money with horse bet racing. So I decided to make a commitment and make things happen the way I wanted them to.

I spent over £1,000 of my own money and too many hours on more racing manuals and resources from experts. It seemed like I lived at the bookmakers, or was on the internet reading the daily racing post to research horse race betting as much as I possibly could.

Finally things started to really go right, but it was not a walk in the park to accomplish. I was finally starting to learn all of the tricks of the horse-betting world.

Through out it all I learned that most of the materials I had been reading, not any one "expert" had showed me anything too shocking or profitable. It became quite clear that I was going to have to create my own profitable horse bet racing system - my method had never been seen before.

Even though I was down about £3,000, I finally began making consistent profits on over 3/4's of my bets. The fact is that about 90% of my methods were betting methods that I had to develop on my own. Within 2 weeks time, and £5,000 in profits later, I knew I had gotten the ideal formula down pat, 9/10 bets were finishing with huge profits of over 200%.

Looking back, I realized how wrong all of the horse betting guides I had spent my hard earned money on were. It was amazing that these so called "experts" could fool people into believing that they were here to help us, when really they would hold back the tricks that they themselves use. Worse yet, they were charging fees for recycled information that had no chance of producing anything worth a darn.

The truth is that there is a formula to success betting on horses, one that even the "Pros" don't know about. It is a shame it will most likely be lost within the black hole the internet has become.



Still not convinced??? For a limited time and I mean limited, I will include my "Unfair with Betfair" advantage. I spent hundred of hours researching ways to take advantage of Betfair. Looking for ways to make consistent gains.

Well I found it and I will share it with you!! I will save you the time and save you the money and teach you everything you will need know to be able to use this amazing tool to build your betting bank.

You will learn the in's and out's of how Betfair works and how you can take advantage of it to make money.

Get this now before I change my mind and keep this extremely powerful information to myself.

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"I've compiled the proven strategies I use to produce consistent results betting on horses.. The easiest way to gain from all of your bets, day after day..."

Works for beginners and advanced players. You can be brand new to horse race betting or a life long punter!
Win Big. A time tested system that averages a 90%+ strike rate with NO risk!
Instant Results. You don't need to do the research, make your picks and place your bets immediately.
Amazing selection tools that pick winner after winner! Follow these guidelines and increase your profits 200%.
You cannot afford mistakes - Don't make the same mistake most of betters make without even knowing it. Mistakes that will cut your returns in half. I will show you one of them, so be prepared
All horses are NOT created equal - lower your risk with these tested selection and wager practices.

Learn how to INCREASE your earnings today...

Free Course: Horse Race Betting Guide Mini Course

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"Special one time very limited bonus, I will be including a large section covering every "angle" you need to know about horse bet racing - from betting on favorites to doubling investments, for Horse Race Betting Guide users..."

"This section gives you what every "expert" was too afraid to reveal.. "


The hidden secrets every other punter was keeping to themselves - You know other successful punters were onto something that you are missing.... and you know you're losing money because of it? The truth is that you are missing something and it is losing you money. Turn the tables so fast no one will know what hit them.

Start with a bank £25 or less! - You won't find another guide showing you how to start with a small bank and consistently double it, simply because it is a totally foreign concept to everyday punters.
How to take your betting to the next level - Years in the making and finally here! You're missing more than you'd think because you don't know a bit about it. Let me go over every area of bet placing and running, master this profitable area overnight...
Betting software scams revealed - Don't spend £100 or more on that betting software! Avoid the never-ending "cash sucking" hype that has cost people like you millions!
Secret Report: Learn to turn Betfair into a full time income - Ever think about those huge payout's, I'll show you how top punters use Betfair as a full time income.
A total punt and post system. For only the people who really want to profit from every wager and are serious about making additional income.
And much, much more - page after page of winning techniques and secrets. - You will begin to see the horse-racing world completely different than before...

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Horse Race Betting Guide Testimonial Quote
Received Feb. 10th, 2007

"Excellent!! I bought a lot of other guides and software products about horse betting and I expected to flush the money I spent on this right down the toilet like I did with the others. Amazingly you proved me wrong! Your Horse Race Betting Guide really turned my betting results around...Each method was as unique and powerful as the next. I don't believe I would see my profits grows as much as I did without it...

Again, I can't believe what is happening. Everyday I can't wait to see the changes in my betting bank. I finally have some extra cash to have fun with. Thanks a bunch... "

Stan Henderson
Leicester, UK

"Every single secret tactic revealed in this guide are specifically designed to greatly increase your weekly income range..."

Make the thought of gaining a new income betting on horses a "reality". Use advanced methods sure to push your strike rate to over 90%. You'll finally get the answers to questions you have been asking, "How can I make money betting on horses?" And more benefits keep coming section after section!

You won't find this information anywhere else but here:

A Beginners Guide To Horse Betting (£49 value) - Start punting like a pro in no time even if you don't have any prior experience. Learn the in's and out's of the horse racing world with this easy to follow bonus manual.
5 Things You Need To Know Before Placing A Single Wager - Understand the 5 strategies that you need to follow if you really want to profit. These principles are used by every successful punter out there to consistently strike and minimize your losses at the same time.
Take Advantage Of Every Betting Agency - Learn the real reason why every betting agency is your partner. The fact is that you should be using the bookmakers to your advantage, never get cheated by the bookies again!
A Premium Tri-Fecta Positioning - want to know "how to use Trifectas? " I will give you the straightforward answer, never before released.
Turn a little into a lot with this amazing Stake & Take System! - No more tricky guesswork and, more specific, no more losing, turn favorites into clean profits with this simple method. Gain on every wager you place and turn

Horse Race Betting Guide Testimonial Quote
Received March 22nd, 2007

"...Throw everything else out!! This is the only guide I found that gives you the answers you need! I can't believe some of those "experts", do they think we're all stupid? Its sad how they take advantage of people looking for some advice. They should be ashamed of themselves!

...At least you want to help people enough to give them something worthwhile. I wish I found this years ago, maybe I wouldn't be so mad about those other guys..."

Patrick Johnson
Chicago, IL

Horse Race Betting Guide Testimonial Quote
Received April 10th, 2007

"...I just wanted to say thanks again from providing this guide to horse betting! I was never able to be successful punting but after following your advice and simple methods I can't help but make money! It complete changed how I looked at horse racing.

I could barely maintain my profits at 10% before, and now I've increased my daily income 150%. I feel I have a new lease on life now, I've started more campaigns than I ever ran before. This stuff actually works!!! Thanks so much..."

Randy Smit
New York, NY

"Find out what you have always been missing..."

The most common reason that always seems to bring most better "down and out" is that they think they can make huge profits wagering only a tiny bit of money. Once in a while this may work out but normally then end up with less money and wanting to quit.

But it really is possible to consistently make profits by betting only on the non-favourite horse no matter how high-priced they are. BUT do you really have 10-20 hours each week to spend researching every horse and every factor of each race? Even after all that work each of your bets would still be a long shot. So why not get this guide and learn how to very easily profit consistently from betting solely on favorites?

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Horse Race Betting Guide Testimonial Quote
Received Oct 26th, 2006

"Worth the wait!! I have been looking for a system like this for along time. I was using some other betting software and didn't win much. I said I would give it one more shot before I gave up and "fell " upon your system. Since that day, close to the best day of my life, my £350 bank has been tripled over the last month!

I couldn't believe how complete the Horse Race Betting Guide is. Much more than the other guides I have seen. It would work for a beginner or advanced punter...Take and Stake '07 was my personal favorite ...this package is the best! ...Anybody who decides to get this guide is making a great investment for their future ...thanks "

Warren Cook
Sydney, AU

"The Horse Race Betting Guide is the only tool you need to profit from betting on horses, even if you're a beginner. You'll want to throw everything else you have in the garbage, so start earning today..."

Not convinced yet. Here is some more of what is included, STEP-BY-STEP:

The "Daily Wager Strategy" that can easily turn huge profits over and over again.
"Doubling The Bank" can provide a six-figure income for life! If you are all serious about punting you need to do this...
No guessing! Use these extremely effective yet simple rules, place your bets, see your results and then cash in on all of your winnings.
You won't find a simpler way to beat the betting agencies and start multiplying your hard-earned money.
Start Using this powerful system right away, you don't need to waste anytime doing research or studying. Take action right away!
It doesn't matter how you use this guide, you'll see amazing returns for every £1 invested turning it into more using the secure "stake and take" show system ...I personally guarantee it!!

"This is the Defining Answer to questions everyone is asking..."

You've probably mistakenly purchased other horse bet racing manuals only to find out that they turned out to be worthless. You may have gotten a couple tips that were valuable, but what kind of positive results did these produce? Did this happen time after time? If you are still viewing horse bet racing with anything but true satisfaction, you have been very steered wrong.

There are literally thousands of people who are earning full time incomes with nothing more than some profitable horse bet racing campaigns. More often than not, the people who are making money aren't computer experts or child geniuses, but instead they accidentally stumbled across a few profitable techniques that were just strong enough to boost them to steady profits.

Pay Attention...

You are going to find out right away that you need to forget everything you thought you knew about horse bet racing. Those outdate techniques you'll find that every "expert" imaginable has been trying to sell you, is nothing more than a waste of time. Stop everything and throw out the "washed up" methods of the past.

Would you believe that the answers to all your questions you've been asking since you first heard about horse racing are, in fact, right before your eyes? You have never seen this before, it is brand new, and no other "punting pros" even know about it yet.

"All the detailed information you need to know if you are trying to really start earning, even if you've never placed a single bet before."

...In fact, you don't even need to know what a "thoroughbred" is here...

As I was creating the Horse Racing Betting Guide, I went to great lengths to include everything that these "professional gamblers" didn't. I wanted to include everything someone would need to start making a profitable income from the ground up, even if they've never seen a race before.

What I ended up with goes over everything from the most basic of concepts to the true million dollar secrets that every Pro in the market wishes they had their greedy little hands on. You will get so much from the first 10 pages that you will put yourself in the same boat as 95% of punters who have been placing bets for years. Don't be left behind when the competition sees the truth before you do.

Even the "experts" who have read as well as written many horse bet racing manuals will be left behind if they don't use the methods in the Horse Race Betting Guide to their own betting practices. A beginner, using this system, will be years ahead of your average "punting pro".

The truth that you don't need ANY experience to make use of this system really shows how far advanced this horse-betting guide really is. You won't learn any of these time testing tricks I give you at those high priced seminars or in those other guides.

"The Secret is knowing the correct betting formula..."

Believe me, right now most people must be thinking that this is a scam, that like all the other guides out there it must be a bunch of hype. But to tell you the truth, this did not come easily for me. It took months of struggling with losing methods to understand exactly what needs to be in a consistently profitable method.

I can't urge you enough you to purchase the Horse Race Betting Guide. I use my betting methods to make thousands of dollars every day, but if you don't want to use them, that is really up to you.

The "bottom line truth" about making amazing incomes on horse racing a reality. A Brand New method to increase your profits over 150% . Get the answers to the question you've always been asking, "How can I make money with horse bet racing?"More benefits in EACH chapter than you knew existed all together!


Listen, this is NOT your usual recycled garbage material... Even full time bettors are amazed at these methods. Act now before it is too late.

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Horse Race Betting Guide Testimonial Quote
Received Feb. 15th, 2007

"...I have only one thing to say to anyone trying to truly make money betting on horses, USE THIS SYSTEM!!! I can honestly say that it has been the best low cost money making material ever! It took a bit, because like everyone else I wanted it all and based on the selection criteria I was forced to a pretty low number of available choices. This was the best thing that could have happened to me!

... By using these secrets, I've been able to retire at 56 years old. My winnings have paid for several vacations, paid off my mortgage, and I always have cash in my pocket. This gave me the happiness and financial freedom I was always looking for!!! Hope to hear from you soon."

Walter Ellington
Chinley, UK

Since the development and long-term success of Horse Bet Racing Guide my life has changed in so many ways. I no longer:

...Worry about money because my wagers net more than £1,000 day after day.
...Wait to act, losing valuable time and money. I can find and implement a profitable wager without having to spend a lot of time researching.
...Worry about waiting for payouts to come because this system is setup up to have automated payouts and deliveries. I'm getting another check or deposit every other day.
...Worry about competitors or betting agencies that want to take a "piece of the pie", now competition is just a game to me.

Every day things in horse betting change. I guarantee that you will lose money real quickly if you don't know how this world works.

The most important part to making this work is usually the first few days. 99% of people, who start out slow, don't make it past the first week in this market! If you can make it through the first week you are much more likely to succeed, get past the first month and you're almost set, and after 2 months seeing profitable results, you will know you got what it takes to make serious profits via horse bet racing.

"Give Yourself The Chance at Financial Freedom!!"

I do not blame you at all if you are skeptical. I've been tricked so many times before so I understand where you are coming from. You've bought something that you never quite got or made a purchase that never lived up to its expectations.

When I started selling the Horse Race Betting Guide, I was charging £157 and you know what happened? Lots of people found out the truth - why some people make huge profits and others stay broke.

I haven't received any refund requests, and this was even before any of the bonuses were included. Today this package is 4 times larger and much more powerful than ever before. These betting secrets have literally taken thousands of hours and dollars to create.

The Horse Race Betting Guide is sent via INSTANT DOWNLOAD, you don't have to wait.

Search the entire web but you won't find any horse betting guide or software that will even compare to what I am about to tell you in my step-by-step horse bet racing guide. I could sell this guide for over £750 and it would still be a steal. I've thought £149.99 was a good price for this program. But for a very limited time, you can get immediate access for only £47.00.

That is just £0.13 a day over a year, far cheaper than the cost of your daily newspaper! Due to high volume, I won't be offering this for long. There are a limited number of positions. Order by and you are guaranteed approval.

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